Diego Armando Maradona is willing to carry the well-known platform Netflix to the courts, as the Argentine lawyer Matías Morla has revealed. Maradona He does not agree with the project that the popular streaming platform He has tried to launch has been launched, which will be about the life of the Argentine star. However, according to Morla, said work you do not have authorization to use your image and could lead to legal action.

«Diego Maradona did not authorize the use of his image for this film. With our Italian colleagues we are already diagramming the legal strategy to make a formal presentation before the Justice for misuse of a registered trademark « , Matías Morla, a lawyer for Diego Armando Maradona, wrote on his Twitter account.

According to the lawyer, Maradona has not given his authorization to use his image in the project that Netflix has entrusted to the Italian director Paolo Sorrentino, winner of the Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 2013 for The Great Beauty, and which will be released under the name It has been the hand of God. It is not the first time that the Argentine is contrary to the productions made about his life and career, always surrounded by controversy. Last year he already showed his rejection of the biopic called Diego Maradona. Rebel, hero, swindler, God and asked her fans not to go see her.

It is not the first time that Maradona is forced to go to court after its image is misused, since Maradona is a registered trademark on the economic plane. In 2019, the Argentine, through Morla, won a millionaire trial for Konami, the Japanese video game company, because he designed Diego in one of his games without official authorization.