Want to see Apple’s M1 chip up close?

Mac MiniThe most accessible Mac computer gets the new Apple Silicon M1.

Just over a week ago, Apple held a special streaming event in which the company introduced a new Mac mini, in addition to other MacBook products.

East 2020 Mac mini It is a very powerful computer, thanks in large part to its M1 processor, the first processor designed and manufactured by Apple.

Apple’s small M1 processor makes its new 2020 PCs have high performance and very low energy consumption. Now, the guys at the forum have gutted the Mac mini and wanted to show us all its hardware components, especially Apple’s M1 chip. Do you want to see it more closely?

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Shoot the inside of the 2020 Mac mini!

In the next photo that you will see below you can find Apple’s M1 chip under the code APL1102, with its GPU and CPU, both 8-core, and its 16-core neural engine. As reported in Macrumors the unified memory system is also visible on the right side of the chip, and it takes up much less space than the RAM modules that were incorporated in the previous generation Mac mini.

M1Mac mini hardware.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s vice president of software engineering, stated that the new MacBook and Mac mini computers were far superior in all respects to previous generations.

The attached video also shows us the hardware components of the new Mac mini, and it is quite interesting. Look look!

Thanks to the video of “Brandon Geekabit” we can confirm that, indeed, there is no component that can be replaced by users. What did you think of this Mac mini teardown? What has surprised you the most about the hardware components that Apple has included in its small team of 2021?