WandaVision was going to include some scenes of Monica Rambeau in therapy

Image of Monica Rambeau in WandaVision 1x09: Episode 9 - In the series finale

Months after the end of “Scarlet Witch and Vision” / “WandaVision”, we continue to know details of what we almost saw in the Marvel series. Being more precise, what was raised for the series, since the series lead writer Jac Schaeffer, has spoken of an idea that they thought at the beginning but that ended up being left out of the final proposal.

We know that the series underwent some change due to the pandemic, not being able to record a scene, as for example happened with Darcy Lewis in the final episode. There were scenes that were recorded but ended up being eliminated, such as the action scene that the children were going to have against a demon. And there were proposals of ideas that were discarded in the first phases of conception of the series, case of the presence of Doctor Strange in the series. Now we are facing one of those situations, ideas that were initially thought of in the writers room, but as the series scripts took shape, they were discarded.

In an appearance on EW’s The Awardist podcast, Jac Schaeffer revealed one that they planned to include a scene from a therapy session for Monica Rambeau. Schaeffer wanted to delve further into the stages of grief through a therapy sessionHowever, this was scrapped due to lack of time.

My proposal was adjusted to the stages of the duel. In the first drafts and in the writers room, we did a lot… I don’t know if you know it or not, Teyonah [Parris], but [tu personaje] I had a therapist in the approach, in the initial approach. There were therapy scenes because we, in the room, were very much in favor of therapy. We saw that this series was really, truly, about mental health. So we said, ‘Well, we have to have a therapist,’ and then we realized that there isn’t much time for Monica to come into her sessions.

In the past, actress Teyonah Parris explained that her character in the series also faces the loss of a loved one such as her mother, and how that was something that connected Wanda and Monica.

Via information | The Awardist

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