WandaVision reveals a behind-the-scenes look at the series

The series just premiered its first two episodes on Disney +. Photo: Marvel Studios | Marvel studios

After a long wait due to various delays caused by the pandemic, phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has already begun thanks to the premiere of “WandaVision”, The first of an extensive slate of series that will reach the platform of Disney +.

Fans of the franchise couldn’t help but feel both excited and intrigued to learn that this new series would take a chance to explore Wanda maximoff and Vision in a completely different context than anyone could expect within the saga: The classic format of the situation series.

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Marvel studios made the decision to make a two-episode premiere to engage audiences, which has truly paid off, leaving us with so many unanswered questions in what appears to be a story that will simmer to conclude in a great climax.

To shorten the wait until next week, the show’s producers have released a new video featuring a look at the arduous filming process for the series.

Like many sitcoms, much of « WandaVision”Was filmed in a large studio with a live audience. Kevin Feige, Head of Marvel studios and executive producer in each production of the franchise, would share a few words with the head of scriptwriters Jac schaeffer and the direct Matt shakman regarding the nature of the series.

This is the first time we have seen the characters played by Elizabeth olsen and Paul bettany since its appearance in « Avengers: Infinity War”, Tape in which Vision apparently he would have died, so his return is still pending explanation.

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The series will also feature the return of familiar faces in the MCU, including Kat dennings in his role as Darcy Lewis, who would not have appeared since « Thor: The Dark World”. Randall Park reprises his role as Jimmy Woo, who appeared in « Ant-Man and the Wasp« , while Teyona Parris plays an older version of Monica Rambeau, daughter of the best friend of Captain Marvel, Maria Rambeau.