WandaVision – Episode 7 Easter Eggs and References

The new episode of WandaVision arrived breaking the fourth wall and presented us with a new type of comedy much fresher for its viewers, but not without leaving aside several easter eggs and references that let us see the future that the MCU has for Wanda Vision and Monica Rambeau.

Modern office

The intro, like the style of this episode, was a combination of The Office and Modern Family. Both series were characterized by the use of the mockumentary technique where the protagonists speak to the camera but not like Malcolm in Malcolm in the Middle but rather as a style of documentary interviews or as it is known: talking heads.

Message within the credits

Now that we know that Agatha is behind everything, whose message will it appear during the opening credits? On the one hand, it could be Agatha herself who threatens Wanda to try to find out what is happening in Westview. Or on the other hand it could be Mephisto or Nightmare, in the end the creation of the show may be thanks to Agatha but the bigger plan could be someone else. SWORD? Ultron?

Thanos snap

Among the details of the breakfast that Wanda is going to have in this episode, one of the WandaVision easter eggs reminded us of Thanos’ cereal-like snap and it was nothing more than a “sweet snap.” Another detail at breakfast was the announcement of lost children, because although Vision was concerned that there were no children, on Halloween we saw many of them.


The WandaVision commercial in this episode is again a message to Wanda. But is it Agnes? And for this occasion, the word Nexus has been used twice within the Marvel Cinematic Universe and both times for two reasons that are touched on in the series.

On the one hand, in Thor, a dark world, astrophysicist and professor Jane Foster, Erik selvig, mentioned the Nexus of realities, an interdimensional door that allows us -in theory- to move through different realities or multiverses.

On the other hand in Avengers Age of UltronTony Stark gets to go to NEXUS, which is a physical infrastructure through which Internet service providers (ISPs or ISPs) exchange Internet traffic between their networks, and according to Stark , NEXUS is the largest that exists on Earth.

wandavision easter eggs

That is, Nexus connects both magic – alternate realities – and science – each world connected to each other from a large infrastructure.

Monica’s contact

wandavision easter eggs

Many people expected it to be Reed Richards, but it was just a member of the military who knew Monica’s mom. Nothing more.

The crazy Addams

wandavision easter eggs

As a probably last tribute to the comedy television series, the title of Agatha’s show could not be better because by way of translation: In the end it was all for Agatha.


Sergio López Aguirre Stanley Kubrick once said “To have a broader vision, not only see good movies, but also the bad ones” obviously I listened to him in the second and it’s very funny.