WandaVision and Sabrina connected? Look at the character they share

WandaVision and Sabrina connected? Look at the character they share
February 23, 2021 20:04

‘WandaVision’ is one of the most anticipated series of 2021. The original show of Disney Plus premiered its 7th episode and took an unexpected turn for many of the fans with the reveal of Agnes, or rather, Agatha Harkness.

Chapter 7 of ‘WandaVision’ revealed Agnes’ true identity.

Upon the end of the episode, the true identity of Agnes, Wanda and Vision’s neighbor on the show, was revealed. Now we know that she is one of the villains of the plot, nothing more and nothing less, than Agatha Harkness.

Kathryn hahn gives life to Agnes, the neighbor of the famous Scarlett Witch, played by Elizabeth olsen. But in the last episode of the series we discover that it is actually Agatha Harkness, an evil witch who infiltrated the utopian reality controlled by Wanda.

Agatha is a character from Marvel Comics created by Stan Lee in 1970. It appeared for the first time in volume N˚94 of ‘The Fantastic 4’. In the comics she is shown as one of the most powerful witches in the universe, but despite her sinister and devilish appearance, she is considered a heroine.

Agatha is one of the original witches convicted in the Salem trials. However, he was able to survive the sentence and increase his power. Later, she was Wanda Maximoff’s teacher, but the latter killed her when she found out that Agatha had erased her memories.

In one of the volumes of the comics, it is revealed that Wanda’s children are actually fragments of Mephisto’s own soul, and that is when Agatha decides to erase his memories. This could confirm the theory of the appearance of the villain in the Disney Plus series.

The funny thing comes here: many ‘WandaVision’ fans found a particular relationship between the Marvel / Disney strip and ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Spellman’, starring Kiernan Shipka.

In the Marvel comics, Agatha Harkeness has a son who is also a magician and his name is Nicholas Scratch, the character played by Gavin leatherwood on the Netflix show, which ended in December with the premiere of the fourth season.

Are Netflix and Disney working together for a future Wanda Maximoff and Sabrina Spellman cameo? Definitely not. Beyond the rivalry between the two platforms, this possibility is impossible since the Marvel Universe does not keep any coherent link with that of Archie Comics. They only share character, but in different reality (and more than anything, company).