WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier triumph at the MTV Awards

The Supremacy of WandaVision – 95% and Falcon and the Winter Soldier – 97% was unquestionable. These spectacular series developed by Marvel Studios gained glory in recent weeks on Disney Plus. Every Friday the fans waited with emotion for the arrival of a new chapter, and in the early hours of the morning they were already being consumed by the most voracious fans, those who urgently needed answers. This May 16 the MTV Awards were held in Los Angeles and both Marvel series obtained important recognitions that are already being celebrated by social networks.

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The success that WandaVision Y Falcon and the Winter Soldier they managed is phenomenal. Every weekend it became a new talking point for the huge MCU fan. The company made the decision not to stick to Netflix’s model of releasing all seasons in a single day, creating expectations, setting trends, and of course keeping the monthly membership business afloat. The talent of its main stars was rewarded last night during the MTV awards ceremony.

WandaVision was awarded as the best television series, Elizabeth Olsen was recognized for having the best performance as the main character and Kathryn Hahn for being the best villain; Anthony Mackie was also awarded Best Hero for his character’s reach in Falcon and the Winter Soldier; he along with Sebastian Stan were named the best duo. It is important to mention that Chadwick Boseman received a posthumous statuette for having the best performance in a film, specifically in The Mother of the Blues – 100%. It was certainly a successful night for the stars of Marvel Studios, but a lot of great things are yet to come.

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The influence that the Marvel Studios series have had on the small screen recently is surprising. But the company is far from finished with the business, as we remember that on June 9, Loki will arrive on the Disney Plus platform with Tom Hiddleston. Fans of the god of lies have long waited for a solo adventure for him and Marvel will indulge them; The first previews of the series show us that it will be a spectacular journey. Will it surpass WandaVision Y Falcon and the Winter Soldier?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is beginning a new era and is loaded with new characters and adventures that will surely demand much more from its protagonists. The expectations for what is to come are too high. The films of the long-awaited phase 4 will arrive as follows: Black Widow, May 7, 2021; Eternals, November 5, 2021; Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, July 9, 2021; Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, March 25, 2021; Thor: Love and Thunder, May 6, 2022; Captain Marvel 2, July 8, 2022.

Under this context, Black widow It ranks as the first MCU movie to hit theaters during the summer. The film was delayed for a year due to the pandemic, however, we will have it available to enjoy very soon. Movie theaters are beginning to function as before and it is possible to go back to watching movies with the necessary measures of care, it is only necessary that time passes so that the influx returns to be as before. It is worth asking if Black widow will be able to attract more people to theaters or if they prefer to see the film through Disney Plus, remember that the premiere is simultaneous.

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