Wanda Nara publishes a spectacular full nude on a horse while on vacation in Argentina

As soon as possible, Wanda nara he has escaped to his native Argentina. After her second confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has happened in her mansion in Paris with Mauro Icardi and her children, the influencer and representative has taken a plane and has been planted in Argentine lands, where she is enjoying spring with family and friends.

In addition, he is taking the opportunity to take different photo sessions from the ones he was used to posting on his Instagram profile. Due to this quarantine in Paris, Wanda Nara could only upload images from home, doing sports, taking a shower, in the bathroom … Now that she has been able to travel to Argentina she has taken pictures in her more ‘cowgirl’ version, surrounded by horses, with his hat… And with one of those poses he has set fire to social networks again.

“Treading strong,” writes Icardi’s wife in a publication, which has more than 350,000 ‘likes. In the photograph, Wanda Icardi appears totally naked on the back of a horse. The Argentine comes out as God brought her into the world, but she plays perfectly with her position on the animal so that nothing is seen and Instagram does not censor the pose, with which it has swept in the last hours.

It has not been the only photo of that style that the influencer has uploaded in the last hours. Since he stepped on Argentine lands He has not stopped posting photos, videos and stories on Instagram with his closest environment. Wanda Nara really wanted to return to her homeland after her second confinement in France, and she is showing it. Meanwhile, the one who remains in Paris is Icardi, as PSG is still immersed in the season and the striker is an important piece in Tuchel’s team.