Wanda Nara drives her fans crazy by showing her rear with a thread and without a bra

Wanda Nara.

Photo: Emilio Andreoli / Getty Images

Wanda nara He decided to take a relaxing day at his home in Milan, Italy. From there, he posed openly in the heated pool and challenged his followers to choose between two photos.

“1 or 2? Spa at home (spa at home) “, wrote the businesswoman on Instagram next to the postcards. In the first one you can see him from behind, showing the rear with thread and without bra. While, in the second, she already added a bra to her sexy outfit.

The publication garnered more than 670 thousand “likes” and hundreds of comments. Among them, those of some famous women. The first to react was her sister Zaira, who wrote to her: “I want to go to that spa.”

His lawyer, Ana Rosenfeld, also left him a message: “I want to be there now, I earned it.” “Always a filly”, were the words of the actress Sol Estevanez.

The most curious thing was that almost none of the followers who reacted to the publication responded to the slogan that the wife and representative of Mauro Icardi had put, perhaps because his figure monopolized all the attention.

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Previously, Wanda Nara made another session in which she posed with a high-cut black bodysuit, with which she showed off her legs and part of her “breasts” to the fullest.

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