George Floyd’s death shocked the world, put the movement Black Lives Matter in the foreground of the agenda of the media and many brands that have voiced their support. However, some faced problems due to a lack of tact in the type of products and merchandise they offered to the public in recent weeks, an example of this was Walmart.

The American retailer received harsh criticism during the closing of last week for a merchandising product that was for sale in its online store.

Correct the way

In response, Walmart determined to suspend sales of merchandise displaying the caption « All Lives Matter » that was available on its website, after a backlash on social media by various consumers and some associates.

The firm based in Bentonville, Arkansas received harsh criticism for the fact that these types of products were in its catalog, so, a few days later, it eliminated the items sold by external suppliers.

“We fundamentally believe that all lives are important and that each person deserves respect. (…) However, as we listen, we understand that the way some, but not all, people use the phrase ‘All Lives Matter’ in today’s environment intentionally minimizes the focus on the painful reality of racial inequality, « Walmart noted. in a statement quoted by US media.

According to the available information, the retailer eliminated the referred products and detailed that it will also analyze similar merchandising in its online store.

The adjustment of Walmart must be recognized, however, it is not the only chain or brand that has incurred this lack of consideration of the context, an example of this is what FastCompany points out, pointing out that Amazon, It continues to list some « All Lives Matter » products on its marketplace.

Context does matter

According to various specialists, every business and marketing action must have a strategy behind it, which requires considering the context so as not to incur a fault that is punished by the audience.

In this regard, a recent report by Zefr indicates that communication and marketing efforts that are related to the context of the target audiences are 63 percent more effective than those that do not take this element into account.

In this sense, Walmart and other companies and brands fell into this error by not considering the sensitivity of society due to racial violence in the United States, a situation that has fueled the work of Black Lives Matter, a movement that was founded in 2013 after the Controversial case of Trayvon Martin, and who since then has been fighting for the cessation of racial violence and respect for human rights.

There were many brands that understood this context, Nike, Pepsi, Apple, Adidas, there was almost no globally influential company that did not take a stand on it and support the Black Lives Matter. Doing so is not in the sense of joining a trend to generate sales, but rather taking a position at the social level that is equal or more important today for the consumer.

Those firms that do not have this in mind will lose and suffer significant impacts, just remember what happens with Facebook and the boycott that it faces by several of its main advertisers.