Walmart membership arrives in Mexico this 2021 and brand gives advance

Walmart is one of the leading brands in the retail market and its presence in Mexico is remarkable thanks to large chains such as Aurrerá.

One element that we cannot lose sight of in Walmart’s operation in Mexico is its reach in the market.

There are a number of elements that we cannot lose sight of when we talk about Walmart and its weight in the market.

Memberships have been key in the retail market, where we have seen how in large categories such as price clubs, an important benchmark has been established, which reminds us of how relevant empathy with the consumer is, as it is. working Walmart.

There is a very interesting pattern in this effort and it has to do with the way in which brands are generating greater interaction with the consumer.

In this way, an element that we cannot ignore is how this subscription model, so popular in price clubs or businesses such as streaming, has begun to be incorporated by other categories in the market.

Adapt to the market: a membership to achieve it

Walmart has confirmed that 2021 will be the year it will start its membership program, with which it will begin to subscribe consumers to maca.

The company’s proposal is that through a membership, the registered people will enjoy a significant battery of benefits.

Last year we announced that the chain of stores had given the green light to this project and on that occasion, Ignacio Caride, then VP of electronic commerce at Walmart, had revealed in an interview with a Mexican media about the arrival of this program, without defining the date when it would occur.

Now that we know that Walmart Pass will be active in the country in 2021, a new consumption pattern is established by the hand of one of the leading supermarket chains.

Cristian Barrientos, COO of the chain, has confirmed within Walmart Day, that the subscription program will start in a few months for Walmart and Walmart Express customers, which seeks to offer free shipping thanks to monthly or annual membership options.

This fact could justify the change from Superama to Walmart Express, since they worked to create a more unified ecosystem.

Barrientos recalled that the measure is one of the many services with which the offer of proposals to Mexican consumers will be expanded, so the subscription system is a very interesting measure for the connection and bond that the brand seeks to create to retain the consumer.

Yesterday we announced that a very important trend in marketing during 2020 and that continues to apply this year is to work on consumer loyalty.

This continuity noted by Iterable discovered the work in which marketers are interested, to continue betting on B2C strategies, so 91 percent of them say they will maintain their bet on consumer confidence and motivate it as a sales detonator, while 24 percent of them said they were convinced that they had to work on being empathic with him.

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