Walmart de México sold 6.7% more in 2020

Last year Walmart de México reported growth in sales to same stores (that is, those with more than one year of operation) of 6.7 percent, compared to the previous year.

« The team managed to maintain operational discipline, despite the high expense environment we experienced. Excluding non-recurring effects, expenses as a percentage of sales were quite similar to the 2019 levels, ”the company said in its financial report sent to the Mexican Stock Exchange.

During the last quarter of the year, Walmart saw an improvement in the sales of Bodega Aurrerá, the format that had been most affected by the covid-19 pandemic; Sam’s Club was the fastest growing format, followed by Walmart and Superama.

In addition, in the last straight of 2020 the company stated that there was a increase in consumption at home, coupled with the good season of « The Irresistible End » and sales for Christmas.

“All regions had a positive result. The north and south regions had the highest growth in same-unit sales, followed by the metro and central regions. Sales in the metro region were lower during December, due to the increased operating restrictions since the sale of some categories, such as toys or wines, was temporarily banned, ”he said.

By division, food and consumables, as well as general merchandise, had the highest growth in the last quarter of the year. Walmart stated that the clothing division is resuming its growth and that it has begun to improve its figures, after several quarters in negative territory.

2020 was the year of celectronic commerce Also for the supermarket chain, the channel increased its contribution to sales up to five times throughout the year and accounted for 3.8 percent of sales.

“In November we reached our historical maximum of monthly sales for General Merchandise on-demand. It is motivating to see the power we have in the omnichannel space, with the evolution of the market ”, he added.

The Walmart’s results even outperformed the industry, according to what was registered by the National Association of Department Stores and Self-service (Antad), which reported that its associated self-service chains registered an increase in sales of 5.4 percent, compared to 2019.

Throughout the past year the company chaired by Guilherme Loureiro in the region opened 82 new stores in Mexico, of which 63 are located in Mexico and 19 in Central America. “We are resuming new store growth at a faster rate. Following the recommendations of the construction authorities and ensuring that conditions are safe, ”he said.

In the entire region last year, Walmart reported net sales of 696 thousand 711 million pesos, a growth in total units (considering the openings of the last 12 months) of 8.6 percent, in contrast to the 2019 figures.