With only a quarter of its workers and operators, the New York Stock Exchange resumed activities on Tuesday. The governor of the state, Andrew Cuomo, gave the start of operations with a mask and under the motto “together we are stronger”, this before the new reality of the coronavirus.

After its closure on March 19 and with New York City not yet having started its economic reopening for not complying with state parameters, trading activity in the New York parquet has returned amid strong prevention measures that include barriers to Plexiglass to keep investors separate, temperature measurements, limitation on the number of “traders” to 80 and the mandatory use of masks.

Workers have also been asked to avoid public transportation as a method of commuting to Wall Street and to sign a disclaimer that would later prevent them from suing the New York Stock Exchange if they become infected with covid-19 while on the job. in the park.

The president of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Stacey Cunningham, has defended the need for the physical reopening of the stock exchange building on numerous occasions because, in her opinion, “stocks operate better when the parquet is Open, volatility is reduced and prices are fairer, saving investors millions of dollars every day. ”

According to the New York Stock Exchange, the return of the parquet is made “out of economic necessity”, especially after verifying that many brokers who work regularly on Wall Street have not been able to participate fully in the operations because the portable devices they use for opening and closing. Locks are not accessible outside the building.

“Many have feared that their businesses would close permanently if we stayed closed much longer,” said the New York Stock Exchange.

“I’m ready. We have waited a long time and we and our clients are prepared, “Meridian Equity Partners operator Jonathan Corpina told CNBC.

For Corpina, the return of the park seems “unknown territory” and recalls that although it was closed after the attacks of September 11, 2001 and after Hurricane Sandy in 2012, “it only lasted a few days.”

“Only part of the team will be on the floor. It is a new world, but I think that in a short period of time we will be able to figure out how to operate, “Corpina said.

This note was originally published in Millennium