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Rocío Carrasco explains how her relationship with her daughter changed in the ‘traumatic’ custody process

Rocío Carrasco explained in the sixth episode of her documentary series with Telecinco, Telling the truth to stay alive, what really happened to the custody of her children. The divorce between her and Antonio David was complicated from the beginning and the two children were one of the main issues to be resolved, as well as the pension that would correspond to each of the parties. However, statements such as that of her ex-husband in a magazine saying that it “made him sick” to see Fidel Albiac with his children, made the legal battle even more ugly: “Fidel with my children was and has been a person who has worried, that he has taken care of himself and that he has gone out of his way as if they were his. And that he has always instilled in those children that they respect and love their father, “explained Rocío Jurado’s daughter. – This is the urbanization in which Rocío Carrasco and Fidel Albiac live. SEE GALLERY Not only that, but as explained by the children, they also had a very good relationship with their partner. Then he has told how the situation developed, since after their separation in 1999, a judge granted Rocío Carrasco custody of her children Rocío and David, who were three years old and just a few months old. She then assured HELLO! that this news had been the joy of his life, but what he did not know yet was that the legal battle that would come later would not be easy at all and would drag on for many years. Antonio David appeals the sentence and submits the parents and children to a psychosocial examination: “I am not opposed but it seemed quite traumatic, strong and damaging,” said the singer’s daughter. “My daughter was scared and she asked me what was happening,” she revealed, commenting on how she camouflaged the situation so that the girl would not feel overwhelmed by the situation despite seeing policemen and prisoners, or being questioned by a psychologist. – The day Rocío Carrasco decided not to pronounce Antonio David’s name again: ‘I have erased all of him from my life’ SEE GALLERY Rocío Carrasco has taken the report of that analysis, which verifies that the relationship between mother and daughter is good and that there is a healthy dynamic between them. However, back then, in 2002, he made the professional aware of his concern about how the children are going to live the entire judicial process and to what extent the father and ex-husband can influence them: “He worries that tomorrow he will suffer because tomorrow they will tell you what your father or mother said, “you can read in these documents. “It is an SOS of ‘hey, I’m afraid this will happen’. And it will happen,” he explained. – Rocío Flores reappears after the devastating interview with her mother SEE GALLERY In the psychological analysis, we not only talk about children, but also about Antonio David. “He traces it”, Rocío has advanced before reading: “In his personality structure, Mr. Flores’ preferential tendency to solve difficulties and seek gratification in an affective interaction with the environment”. “Problematic emotional control (…), manifestations of impulsivity may occur in situations of tension or emotional stress”, he has continued reading, among other descriptions, before the interviewers have also asked him about any of the statements he made in that same report. The former civil guard accuses his ex-wife of not spending enough time with the children or of having different life habits than those he defends. “That is what he has raised these two children on, despite the fact that they have had the opposite experience,” explained Rocío Jurado’s daughter, who insisted that the father of her children gave them little little against him despite not having lived those first years. “He does not know what a night with a fever is, he does not know what infant colic is. He did not know that at that time because he had not experienced it,” he added. However, she has told how her eldest daughter told her that she thought that she and Fidel were leaving at night while the children slept, and she thought about it because that was what her father had told her. “It seemed a supine cruelty to me to be able to do that with two small children, to tell them that their mother leaves when they fall asleep and they are left alone,” he recalled. “That’s when I start to notice that things change.” – First words of Antonio David: ‘I am not in hiding, last week I was with my children because they needed me and I needed them’ SEE GALLERY Although Rocío assures that the pension that the court had assigned had not been spent more than four times, in 2003 they began to have joint custody and every fortnight the children lived at the parental home. Pedro Carrasco’s daughter recalled that when they had meetings to pick up or return the children at the door of the house, her ex-husband insulted her: “He made the children say goodbye to their father and put them inside and he rebuked me and he insulted, he took advantage of those contact shots to insult me ​​and to tell me ‘I’m going to take them away, they are going to hate you’ “. The money led to another lawsuit because Rocío Jurado’s ex-husband had to pay 70,000 pesetas (420 euros) for each child, and it was not. However, when the eldest daughter was 16 years old, the former civil guard began a new judicial process because, supposedly, she wanted to live with her father.