Waitress dirties mother-in-law’s dress during the wedding and the bride does something unthinkable

Contrary to what she thought would happen, the bride rewarded the waitress for her accident.

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When someone decides to marry, they must take into account that, even if you do not want it, you are not only agreeing to form a special bond with your partner, but also with his or her family, a situation that usually triggers many problems throughout a lifetime. relationship.

Unfortunately, not everyone can have a loving or cordial relationship with their in-laws, particularly with a couple of elements of them, among which the mothers-in-law stand out, with whom the relationship can be harsh and even null.

There are couples who unfortunately decide to separate due to irreconcilable differences, but not with each other, but with the mother of the groom or the bride, who are often considered reckless, nosy and even gossipy.

About the topic, a video went viral on TikTok shared by a user of this social network, which counted how is it that a mother-in-law surprised the bride, but for the worse on her wedding day, when she also arrived in a white dress.

It is well known that in a marriage, the only one who can wear a dress of that color is the bride; However, apparently, this mother-in-law decided to ignore the rules of etiquette and above all, that she tried to steal the spotlight from her daughter-in-law on the most special day of her life.

In her video, TikTok user @chloe_beeee He recounted the unique experience he had some time ago. The young woman worked for a short time as a waitress, He suffers from dyspraxia, a psychomotor disorder that causes movements that require the mobilization and coordination of various muscle groups to be carried out slowly, clumsily and with difficulty.

For your physical problem, One day, working as a waitress at a wedding, she accidentally spilled sauce on the bride’s mother-in-law’s dress. “It was very hot, and thank God I didn’t burn her, but she had to go change,” said the young woman in her video.

Fortunately, the woman lived in the town where the event took place, so she quickly went home to choose a new dress.

“Anyway, I was obviously young and out of my mind, I was crying, I was so upset because I thought I had ruined this couple’s wedding,” added the girl.

But tremendous surprise that took minutes after the incident. The bride approached her and contrary to what she had imagined that she could claim him for having ruined her wedding, she had a gesture with her that left her stunned.


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“The bride came up to me and shook my hand and thanked me and said ‘my mother-in-law shouldn’t have been wearing white on my wedding day’ and then tipped me 55 pounds and if I see her in the city now, we still say ‘hello’ ”, he concluded.

This anecdote went viral. In addition to exceeding 1.3 million views, it has received a series of comments from around the world, some of them defending the girlfriend and others criticizing her for what happened.

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