“Waiting” for migrant minors or “Andalusia cannot take in more”?

Unaccompanied foreign minors walk on the roof of a warehouse, yesterday, in Ceuta. (Photo: Bernat Armangue via AP)

The humanitarian crisis in Ceuta with the arrival of thousands of migrants after the opening of the borders by Morocco has generated a confusing episode in Andalusia. The Government, in the hands of the PP and Cs coalition, began by opening the door to unaccompanied minors who had entered the autonomous city en masse but, when criticized by Vox – which is not part of the Executive but without whose vote the accounts do not come out- he took a step back. In the end, the president had to enter the debate, confirm that he will comply with the distribution that is set and mark his “autonomy” with respect to the ultras.

It all started with the Minister of Equality, Social Policies and Conciliation, Rocío Ruiz (from Ciudadanos), saying on Wednesday in the Andalusian Parliament: “We are going to be here waiting for you, because they are vulnerable minors who are reaching our shores.” “We are already working to attend to them and it is a matter of human rights,” he added.

Then, Santiago Abascal’s party came out on top: he said that he would stop supporting the Andalusian government if these migrant minors are received in the community. More: he demanded the dismissal of the orange counselor – a habitual target of his criticisms – for making a “full-fledged appeal” to the arrival of these minors. Vox’s parliamentary spokesman, Manuel Gavira, was clear: “In Andalusia we don’t want them,” he said. The children, in his judgment, must be “returned and expelled” to their country of origin.

A day later, yesterday, Minister Ruiz changed her statements with a formidable twist. In Madrid, before the Interterritorial Council to address the crisis and the distribution of minors, he stated that “Andalusia cannot …

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