Waifus and burgers? A reality at Otaku Burger, Mexican restaurant

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As has happened in recent years, forms of entertainment such as video games and anime have become part of the culture and are present in different sectors and activities of daily life. In that sense, every player knows how important it is to have a good hamburger to celebrate a victory in a difficult game or while resting for a moment before returning to the adventure and if we add a promotional touch to this with the famous waifus, no It can be denied that it would be a perfect match. Well, this union has become a reality at Otaku Burgers.

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A good hamburger is part of every gamer’s diet

Burgers are part of those tastes that we usually give ourselves as players and we know that not just any are good, at least not to satisfy hunger. Likewise, we know that presentation is essential and that a hamburger whose ingredients overflow is a sign that it is very good and that is what Otaku Burgers thought, a business that has started operations in Villahermosa, Tabasco, with a proposal that combines the elements of the Japanese anime and manga scene with its burger offering.

Through its official Facebook account, Otaku Burgers presented its image and menu, which has artisan burgers, various dishes such as French fries, quesadillas, cheese fingers and potato wedges, all with a name inspired by waifus and the best, with affordable prices.

At the moment, and following the guidelines of the authorities, Otaku Burgers only has home delivery or you can also order and pick up the order at the premises. Whatever the case, Otaku Burgers seeks to break into the niche of gamers, anime fans and anyone who loves a good burger.

If you want to know more about Otaku Burgers, you can do it at this link.

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