Despite being happy as a commentator on NWA, many are talking about whether Wade Barrett would return to the ring. His last appearance on the wwe was in 2015.

Comic Book Movie interviewed Barrett for promoting his movie I Am Vengeance, they not only talked about his movie but also wrestling themes. Where I also talk about his frustrations at Vince’s company.

Cody Rhodes replied a few months ago that by the time he retires, Barrett will be a world champion.

Wade Barrett talks about signing with AEW

In the interview Wade was asked if there would be a possibility to sign with AEW. Barrett replied that Cody was kind for what he said, but for him to fight full time is not in his plans since he is close to 40 years old.

Part of my problem is that I am now nearing 40. I will be 40 in two months, so the possibility of returning and working full time in professional wrestling is not particularly important in my agenda at the moment. That could change. It was very nice of Cody to say that, I am still a very good friend of Cody. We have been in contact for over ten years, and he has done an amazing job with AEW.

I am really excited about the explosion of opportunities in the world of professional wrestling. I’m currently working for NWA as a commentator, and there’s Ring of Honor, which a friend of mine, Marty Scurll, is doing right now, obviously IMPACT has done some great things recently and grown from the ashes of where they were years ago, and then there’s all Japanese companies, and there are also some good things in the UK. The fact is, there are now a ton of opportunities for professional wrestlers who, when it was my time, weren’t really there. The only game in town realistically was WWE, and it was very, very difficult to see yourself working outside of that.

It only remains to wait if he arrives at AEW and manages to become a world champion or continues in the independent ones and making his acting career.

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