Vox will oppose extending the state of alarm and asks Ayuso to lift the curfew in Madrid

Vox spokesman, Jorge Buxadé, has advanced this Monday the opposition of their parliamentarians to the eventual extensions of the current state of alarm, which will end on May 9, in the event that the Government can take them to a vote soon.

In a press conference, Buxadé stressed that when the current state of alarm ends, that in his opinion it is “abusive, illegal and unconstitutional”, his party is not going to support any later.

“We want to regain freedom for all Spaniards: freedom of movement and movement, freedom of residence, freedom to open a business, freedom to work,” added the spokesman for Vox’s political action committee, who also has demanded urgency from the Constitutional Court to rule on the two Vox appeals against states of alarm due to the pandemic.

Buxadé has pointed out that the decree-law allows the autonomous communities to lift curfews and he has urged the Madrid government to do so, because, as he added, the fact that his party has appealed its unconstitutionality does not prevent it from being in favor of making use of one of the possibilities it opens up.

They ask to deport foreigners involved in brawls

The Vox spokesperson has indicated that curfews are skipped “by street gangs perfectly identified, bands mostly of illegal foreigners “, alluding to recent brawls in Madrid, such as the ones that occurred, he has listed, in Alcorcón, Ciudad Lineal and Ventas.

Regarding the detainees, he wished that “If they are Spanish, they should be tried, if they are illegal foreigners, they should be immediately expelled”, and has urged legal reforms to deprive those who have obtained Spanish nationality without originally having it in the event that they commit serious or repeated crimes.

Buxadé has also considered an “institutional assault” the recent legal reform that prevents the General Council of the Judiciary from approving appointments when its mandate has expired, because it “dynamites the separation of powers” and has been done “through the illegitimate parliamentary majority that there is in the Congress of Deputies “.