Vox wants to extract oil from its excesses in Ceuta

In his last visit to Ceuta, the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia decided to prohibit the act of Santiago Abascal to avoid incidents. (Photo by Antonio Sempere / Europa Press via .)

Ceuta does not care too much to Vox. Rather little. Even though this formation was the most voted In the last elections held in the autonomous city, his way of opposing indicates that only they are interested in continuing stirring up social division to increase chaos. Although that implies breaking any bridge of understanding and moving away from what its leaders are supposed to aspire to, which is to govern.

It is only necessary to put in order the account of the events of the extreme right to understand that from Madrid they have decided to burn all the ships with the sole intention to continue in the limelight these weeks of little political activity. Sacrificing if necessary its Ceuta structure in exchange for a handful of tweets with which to inflame his supporters in the rest of the country.

His plan began to be understood at the end of May when they raised the tone of their xenophobic criticism to arouse the rest of the formations with a presence in the Ceuta Assembly. A kind of rehearsal of his racist speech to later replicate in other points.

But it turns out the strategy has gotten out of hand. The far-right party is closer to being seen by its own Ceuta voters as the cause of the problems than to trying to sell itself as the possible solvers of the problem. political, economic and social crisis. It is no longer worth even playing the role of victim. Everything exploded on Friday. How?

Well, the party of Movement for Dignity and Citizenshipa (MDyC) -which Vox calls Islamic and threatens deport its members, even though they have Spanish nationality– made a parliamentary proposal to declare Santiago Abascal persona non grata‘. The reasons given to repudiate the national leader of Vox as “undesirable“focus on that” came to the city to cause the breakdown of coexistence, from positions supremacists“, and with the intention of” debasing the ceorYou guys. “Sounds harsh. Very harsh. Now to the proposal of MDyC the PSOE joined and did not oppose the PP -when they are parties that do not agree on almost anything-, so one begins to think that perhaps the legal text is not exaggerated at all.

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But the icing is yet to come. Why Abascal has decided to hang that title of ‘non grato’ as if it were one of the Olympic medalss that these days are disputed in Tokyo. A medal that invalidates him in Ceuta, but that will display pride in his rallies in the rest of the Peninsula as throwing weapon against the PP those who have warned of the consequences of their abstention.

And the best way to continue nurturing that role of victim is to go to Ceuta. Not to collect the dishonorable prize, but to fan the controversy so that it does not decline now that we are about to start the month of August and that Vox does not have any political weight in the next big political appointment, the conference of Presidents which will take place from this Friday in Salamanca. There will be several days in which Vox will not have a voice at the summit of regional leaders in Spain, but Abascal knows that with the Ceuta fire some very valuable golden minute can be guaranteed.

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