Vox wants the Presidency of the Madrid Assembly … but Ayuso sees it “too much”

PP meeting (Photo: EFE)

Tug of war. The acting president of the Community of Madrid and winner of the elections, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, considers that perhaps it would be “too much” for Vox to preside over the Madrid Assembly with only 13 out of 136 deputies and has recalled that she has remained only four of the absolute majority.

This is how the Madrid leader replied to the leader of this formation, Santiago Abascal, who has slipped in a radio interview that Ayuso should be “generous” with them, needing their support or abstention to govern, and indicated that they would see with good eyes that they the Presidency of the regional Chamber ceded.

“We are at a point where it is better that we talk about it among ourselves instead of making these announcements through the media and taking into account that it is not configured until June 8,” he said in an interview on Antena 3 .

At this point, he stressed that it must be taken into account that a group that has 13 deputies in a Parliament of 136 “maybe presiding over it is too much.”

“It will be necessary to see it and what I believe is that it is necessary to be generous. What cannot be is what happened in the previous legislature, many times with Citizens, who did not want to know anything about Vox but co-governed thanks to them. I believe that in this life you have to be not only humble but also generous ”, he declared.

Ayuso has indicated that it will be seen “at what point” they will find themselves but has remarked that he is four seats “from the absolute majority” and that Vox has to decide whether or not to support but “not to be with these announcements all the time ”.


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