Vox joins forces with the Yankee-Zionist axis that protects Morocco in its offensive against Spain

Can you be a fervent Spanish patriot and at the same time defend those who are attacking the homeland beyond our borders? Without any problem, in fact, Vox is doing it with total naturalness these days of territorial conflict with Morocco on account of the migratory crisis in Ceuta. Since its inception, the party of Santiago Abascal it has been postulated as a kind of Spanish branch of new-minded Trumpism. In fact, there are those who maintain that the green party is nothing more than the fruit of the contacts of the nostalgic Iberian ultras with the world of Steve Bannon, the political strategist who led the White House to the New York tycoon.

Abascal himself has spared no praise when it comes to putting his admired Yankee leader through the roof, today overthrown by the Democrat Joe biden. “We look at the president Trump with great respect, especially because we feel identified with the way in which he has been treated in USA and in the world press (…) We understand that President Trump defends the interests of the North Americans ”, the Caudillo of Bilbao on a certain occasion.

So far everything is perfect. Now, it just so happens that behind all the shit of the Tarajal There is a controversial decision by the former Republican president, who in one of his last decrees recognized the sovereignty of Morocco about him Occidental Sahara and announced the normalization of diplomatic relations of the Government of Rabat with Israel. In this way, the tenant of the White House strengthened its friendship relations with its traditional Moroccan ally (dating back more than two centuries) and turned upside down the fragile international balance in the Maghreb.

The order to recognize Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara clashes head-on with the resolutions of the UN

The order to recognize Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara clashes head-on with the resolutions of the UN, which classifies the Saharawi people as a territory pending decolonization pending a referendum of self-determination on their future as a nation. But not only that. With the signing of this document, Trump gave a letter of nature to Morocco so that, if it deemed it appropriate, it might intensify its historical claims on Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands. I mean, it was as if Trump told Mohamed VI: if you normalize diplomatic relations with Israel, I will give you a free bar and support you to the last consequences in your strategy of tension against Spain. And so it has been.

Axis of evil

Just a few days after the Hebrew state began its bloody and brutal punishment operation against the leaders of Hamas and the Palestinian people, the Alawite monarch gave the order to open the door of his border fence, allowing an avalanche of thousands of desperate immigrants to enter Spain in search of a better future in Europe. With this maneuver, and feeling supported by the “American friend”, Mohamed VI was only collecting the price of his immense favor to Trump.

After unleashing the serious diplomatic conflict, the support of the North American Administration to the traditional Moroccan ally, leaving a country of the European Union like Spain, it has not been long in coming. It has mattered little if Trump is no longer in the White House and his position is occupied by the sleepy Biden. It has been useless that our country is one of the most important allies of the NATO. The Foreign Department of the Democratic president, bound hand and foot by the pacts and commitments of the United States in international politics (diplomacy is sacred to Washington), has not been able to do anything other than issue a routine statement in which it ratifies “the importance of the solid bilateral relationship and the key role of Morocco in promoting stability in the region.” Few times have we seen such a flagrant humiliation of the world’s leading power towards our country.

No true patriot would be indifferent to such an affront. No true patriot would remain unmoved by the seriousness of the disloyalty (rather treason) perpetrated by the Yankee-Zionist bloc at the service of Morocco. And of course, no patriot would side with a Axis of evil working for the territorial ambitions of a satrap like the Alawite monarch. The normal thing in any Spanish party, and more one of the ultranationalist spectrum that claims to defend the country’s essences, would have been to condemn without palliative this infamous international conspiracy, this full-fledged conspiracy, this “black march” against Ceuta perfectly orchestrated and plotted by the House Blanca and the cowardly tyrant of Rabat, the same one who throws his children into the sea like battering rams against Spain.

Unfortunately, in Vox they are not true patriots but a bunch of phonies, actors and extras without ideals to whom the Trump / Bannon duo sent an instruction manual of the good Trump player to come to power at any cost, even selling themselves to declared enemies Of the homeland. Far from putting himself in his place and closing ranks with the Government of the nation, Abascal has gone down to the Moor to stir hatred against the “mena” among the terrified neighbors of Ceuta and Melilla and incidentally spread a citizen rage as unjustified as irrational against Sánchez.

To all these people, the Caudillo of Bilbao is telling a Trumpist tale that is easy to digest but that does not fit reality at all. The only great truth, and this is attested by the series of strange events that have occurred this week of almost prewar climate, is that the true enemies of the country are not in Moncloa, not even in United we canbut in the White House, in Wall street, in Jerusalem and in the sumptuous palaces of the dictator of Rabat. All that imperialist mafia that will not hesitate to end Spain to defend its nauseating economic and geostrategic interests and which the Vox circus troupe supports with a joy and enthusiasm that scares. Their mouths fill with Spanishism but they ally themselves with the enemies of the nation. Trashy patriots.

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