12:11 VOX CARAVAN | Santiago Abascal has addressed all participants in the march. The president of Vox has assured that the social communist government “has treated Spaniards as children and children as dogs, or worse than dogs, because they could not go for a walk or keep the safety distance”

12:10 VOX CARAVAN | OKDIARIO broadcasts the march of the Vox caravan live. Calle de Génova is also completely stopped to join the march in Colón.

12:10 VOX CARAVAN | The success of the Vox call has caused the collapse of the center of Madrid. National II is practically stopped due to the number of vehicles that want to join the caravan.

12:00 VOX CARAVAN | Santiago Abascal is going to address in a few minutes the people who have joined the “caravan for freedom” called this Saturday in Madrid.

11:44 CATALONIA | The general director of Health Professionals of the Health Department of the Generalitat, Marc Ramentol, today defended the reliability of the data on infections and deaths that they provide, he denied that there was any outbreak in Catalonia and called it “surprising »The statements made yesterday by Fernando Simón.

11:40 PEDRO SÁNCHEZ | The Prime Minister will appear at 2:00 pm this Saturday. Moncloa also reports that the director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Emergencies, Fernando Simón, will not give more press conferences during the weekends and will only explain the coronavirus impact data from Monday to Friday.

11:21 VOX CARAVAN | The center of Madrid begins to notice an increase in the influx of cars. This Saturday at 12 Vox has called a caravan to protest against the management of the Social Communist Government.

11:20 JAPAN | The Government of Japan could lift the state of emergency in Tokyo and four other prefectures next Monday after recording further progress in its efforts to contain the coronavirus. Authorities have already agreed on Thursday to lift the state of emergency in Osaka, Hyogo and Kyoto prefectures due to the reduction in cases.

11:10 VOX | Ortega Smith already recovered from the coronavirus, goes to the caravan of cars organized by Vox this Saturday to protest against the management of the Social Communist Government. “We Spaniards have had enough of this totalitarian government,” he assured the media before the concentration began.

10:45 AFGHANISTAN | The Afghan Ministry of Health has confirmed 782 new daily coronavirus cases to a total of 9,998 infections throughout the country, amid a critical situation due to the rebound in violence, the lack of public attention to the restrictions and the beginning of the Muslim Eid festival. According to the balance released this Saturday and collected by the Tolo News chain, there have been another eleven new deaths in the last hours, up to a total of 216 deaths. The total number of recovered in the country is 1,040.

10:32 TOURISM | 81.7% of Spaniards want to do tourism after confinement, especially in Spain, which would allow them to attract a large part of those who usually go abroad, who last year spent more than 16,000 million euros, although they are looking for personalized formulas, far from group tours.

10:22 MADRID | The Community of Madrid last night received the fourteenth plane loaded with medical supplies, managed by regional president Isabel Díaz Ayuso, to “confidently” face the fight against Covid-19 in hospitals in the region.

10:19 CATS | A pilot research project has detected a healthy, asymptomatic cat infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and whose owner suffered from COVID-19 disease, which according to the data of those responsible for the work, could be the first of these characteristics to be found in Europe.

09:54 RUSSIA | The Russian authorities have confirmed a total of 9,434 infections in the last 24 hours, up to a total of 335,882 affected, side by side with Brazil in second place on the world list of countries with the most affected, behind the United States, and has added and 3,338 total deaths since the start of the pandemic.

09:30 TOURISM | The rural and ecological tourism sector foresees a high occupation for this summer after the crisis generated by COVID-19, according to those responsible for Mas Salagros, the first 100% ecological resort on the Peninsula.

09:27 GERMANY | Germany has registered in the last 24 hours a total of 638 new infections and 42 deaths, a daily rise compared to 460 infections and 27 deaths on Friday, which number more than 8,200 fatalities due to the pandemic originating in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Specifically, Germany already registers a total of 177,850 cases and 8,216 fatalities, according to the latest balance of the Robert Koch Institute, the German government agency responsible for monitoring infectious diseases.

09:12 CHARITY CONCERT | About twenty Ecuadorian musicians residing in Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland participate this Sunday in the Virtual Solidarity Festival ‘A voice for Ecuador from Europe’, the benefits of which will go to those most economically affected by the impact of the coronavirus on the country.

08:45 VOX | Santiago Abascal’s party hopes to collapse this Saturday the center of all provincial capitals with its call for citizens to demonstrate in their private cars to protest against the government’s management of the coronavirus crisis and ask for his resignation.

08:43 CHINA | The Chinese Ministry of Health confirmed this Saturday that no new case of coronavirus has been registered, either locally or imported, for the first time since the start of the pandemic and no deaths, so it has maintained its figures in 82,971 infections and 4,634 deaths due to the pandemic.

08:40 REUNID PARKS | The Parques Reunidos Association will return this weekend to distribute a total of 25,000 masks to children from different districts of the capital, the association has reported in a statement. The cast will be carried out by association staff characterized by circuses. Thus, they will be delivered from 16:30 to 18:00 in the Villaverde Alto neighborhood, and from 18:15 to 19:45 in Villaverde Bajo.

08:29 BALANCE | The new coronavirus pandemic originating in the Chinese city of Wuhan has already left 338,000 fatalities and more than 5.2 million people infected worldwide, with the United States adding almost 24,000 cases in the last 24 hours and Latin America on the way to become the new epicenter of the epidemic, according to the latest balance from Johns Hopkins University.

08:03 INDIA | The Indian health authorities have confirmed this Saturday that a record number of 6,654 cases has been registered in the last 24 hours, bringing the total balance to 125,101 positives from COVID-19. This is the second time in a week that the number of coronavirus cases has increased by more than 6,000 and the third time that India has reported the largest one-day increase in the number of infections.

08:00 BRAZIL | The Brazilian government has extended the ban on entry to the country to foreigners of all nationalities for 30 more days as a measure to control the coronavirus pandemic through a decree approved this Friday.

The prohibition affects the entry of foreigners by any means, be it by air, land or sea, and this period may be extended by recommendation of the National Agency for Sanitary Vigilance (Anvisa), the body that has recommended this measure, according to what has been collected. Brazil Agency.

07:58 BOLIVIA | Bolivian authorities have reported this Friday that the quarantine in force in the department of Santa Cruz and in the city of La Paz is extended until May 31 to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

In the case of Santa Cruz, the department’s government secretary, Vladimir Peña, has specified that, from June 1, “adjustments” of the containment plan currently being carried out in the territory will be carried out with the aim of minimize cases of contagion.

07: 54 BRAZIL | The Brazilian health authorities have confirmed a total of 20,803 new cases of coronavirus this Friday, so the global balance has risen to 330,890 positives and the Latin American country ranks second in the world most affected by the pandemic, behind States United.

According to the latest update of the balance offered by Johns Hopkins University, the United States continues to lead the countries hardest hit by COVID-19, with more than 1.6 million cases. Russia, now third, accounts for a total of 326,448 cases.

07:53 CHINA | The Chinese Ministry of Health confirmed this Saturday that no new case of coronavirus has been registered, either locally or imported, for the first time since the start of the pandemic and no deaths, so it has maintained its figures in 82,971 infections and 4,634 deaths due to the pandemic.

07:51 CATALONIA | The PP of Catalonia has demanded the appearance of the Minister of Health of the Generalitat, Alba Vergés, to “clarify” the variations in the data of deaths by Covid-19, as it has maintained in a statement this Friday.