Vox has demanded this Saturday to the Junta de Andalucía you take steps to curb the important “Barrage of illegal immigrants” which, as they explain from the training, will reach the Andalusian coasts in the coming days.

The deputy spokesman for the parliamentary group Vox, Rodrigo Alonso, has warned this Saturday of the “incapacity” of the government of the Junta de Andalucía to “Stop the flood of illegal immigrants” which ensures that they reach the Andalusian coasts.

In a statement, the deputy parliamentary spokesman has indicated that last week both the vice president of the Board, Juan Marín, and the Minister of Health and Families, Jesús Aguirre, “They recognized the arrival of illegal immigrants to the Andalusian coasts, some of them infected by coronavirus.”

In Alonso’s opinion, this fact is “really worrisome and alarming” and he reproaches the government of the Junta for its “inability to put measures on the table to stop the barrage of arrivals that have been taking place on the coasts in recent weeks.”

“Our State Security Forces and Corps are overwhelmed”, Alonso has assured, pointing to the information given about it by Jusapol. “From the Board continues without putting any urgent solution that is capable of curbing this problem,” he adds.

In this situation, the deputy of Vox for Almería has urged the Government of the Board to apply the necessary mechanisms so that, “in the face of the indolence of the central Government in matters of immigration, this massive arrival that is taking place can be ended in the last weeks”.

After affirming that, “According to data from the Interior Ministry, more than 2,500 irregular immigrants could have arrived during the state of alarm”, He insists that “prevention and security are tools that really become essential”.