Vox busts an act by Picardo with a hidden loudspeaker that claimed “Spanish Gibraltar”

Gibraltar’s Chief Minister Fabian Picardo (Photo: Europa Press)

A speech by the main Gibraltarian minister, Fabian Picardo, in Madrid was interrupted this Tuesday by shouts of “Spanish Gibraltar”, in a boycott that the youth of VOX have claimed.

“The pirate Picardo must be received as he deserves,” they have published on their Twitter account, along with a video in which a hidden loudspeaker in the room can be seen to force the act to be interrupted while sovereign claims sounded.

“A pity that there are those who invite the head of that cave of criminals that is ruining the Campo de Gibraltar to breakfast in Madrid,” they have criticized, referring to a meeting organized by the Club Siglo XXI and in which Picardo has reviewed the news referring to the Rock.

The main Gibraltarian minister recalled that the two parties maintain positions “equally non-negotiable” in terms of sovereignty, but has celebrated that the issue was left aside in the negotiations initiated after Brexit to prevent other pending fronts from being “entrenched”.

Likewise, he recalled that in 2003 99 percent of Gibraltarians bet on a referendum to continue being part of the United Kingdom and has questioned positions such as those held by former Spanish Foreign Minister José Luis García-Margallo, ironing with his failed forecast on 2016 that in four years “the flag of Spain would fly on the Rock”.

Picardo stressed that the arrival of Alfonso Dastis to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was a turning point that was maintained with the change of Government. Thus, although he has recognized that the current head of diplomacy, Arancha González Laya, has claimed that he would defend “tooth and nail” Spanish sovereignty over Gi …

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