Voucher Amor por Venezuela: requirements, who can collect it and how to apply

The Love Bonus for Venezuela It is one more bonus of the social policy of President Nicolás Maduro. During these months of the coronavirus pandemic, the highest president of Venezuela has been taking out at least two bonds a month and in November one had not yet come out until the latter saw the light.

The The subsidy will be delivered between November 16 and 21, 2020 and will be carried out directly and gradually. Beneficiaries will receive a text message through the short number 3532 and through the veMonedero application. “Let us continue to take care of the health and peace of the Homeland, contributing the best of our effort. With deep love for Venezuela, we will win!” This is the message that will be sent to each beneficiary.

How to request the voucher

The Love Bonus for Venezuela distributes 3,120,000 bolivars through the Sistema Patria. To collect the subsidy, you do not need the National Card, although it is mandatory to be registered with the National Platform. Not everyone will receive the economic amount because the delivery is made at random. The money is delivered between three and five business days in the personal bank account.

La Plataforma Patria recommends Before sending the resources to the Bank, the different available options are evaluated: