Santo Domingo, RD.

According to the information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Relations (Mirex), to the Central Electoral Board (JCE), on the efforts of the Foreign Ministry to hold the vote abroad, in the presidential and congressional elections of July 5 Only two cities in the United States, in addition to Argentina and Nicaragua, have announced their announcement that suffrage be held in those territories.

According to a communication sent by Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas Maldonado to the plenary session of the JCE, the New York government establishes that the Dominican Republic can carry out the July 5 election “as long as it meets the minimum state standards to reduce the transmission of diseases, as well as any applicable federal standard, including those established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in force at the time of the election. ”

While Orange County, Florida, through the Supervisor of Elections, Bill Cowles, gave his consent to the holding of elections in that demarcation.

Although they have not expressed a resounding no, the mayor of Providence indicated that the holding of elections there is conditional on compliance with all health protocols established by the authorities of the State of Rhode Island and “it asks us to make them aware of the action plan in that regard.”

New Jersey and Washington have established that due to the pandemic they cannot respond favorably to the request for the holding of extraordinary elections.

According to the communication, the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Relations stated that it has no objection to the Dominican elections being held in that territory. Similarly, it was approved by the Nicaraguan government.

A country that also conditions the holding of Dominican elections in its territories was Belgium who “communicated that in the event that elections are held in their territory, a series of sanitary measures must be taken, among which are: Disinfection of the premises before and after the vote, maintaining a distance in the 1.5-meter voting line.”

Find another Modality

Miguel Vargas also explained that countries like Chile and Italy recommended looking for another alternative to exercise suffrage or postpone elections.

“The Chilean government reported that since the state of emergency in that country is maintained, it suggests that we look for alternatives for the exercise of the right to vote for our nationals, or postpone the electoral process in Chile until the restrictions they seek are lifted ensure the protection of the health of all the inhabitants of the country ”, said Vargas.

Spain and Ecuador indicated that there is no certainty that Dominicans can exercise suffrage in their territories.

While Austria establishes that it will assess the situation “and they have not yet advanced a response regarding the holding of elections on July 5 in their territory.”

They have not responded

According to the report presented by Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas, in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Curaçao, San Martín, Antigua, Trinidad and Tobago, Panama, Venezuela and Puerto Rico they have not yet issued a response on the holding of the elections.

“In this sense, we would like to suggest that the request be reiterated, informing the aforementioned cities and / or States that have not yet responded or expressed their opinion and who, even giving an answer, have required the health protocol for the evaluation that it would be carried out, in addition to a list of possible electoral precincts to be used on that date abroad, to find out about their availability, “says Miguel Vargas.

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