Volvo Trucks and Aurora to develop fully autonomous trucks

Volvo Trucks and start-up Aurora have announced a multi-year collaboration agreement to develop a complete autonomous driving system dedicated specifically for the Swedish firm’s heavy-duty trucks destined for the North American market.

The latest joint project or collaboration agreement announced between a large brand and a technology start-up is the one that has joined Aurora with the autonomous driving division of AB Volvo, the Swedish corporation that owned until 1999 the Volvo passenger car company. Two companies that regularly make headlines related to the development of autonomous driving technology.

At the moment the details of the agreement have not been disclosed, but its purpose has, jointly develop a complete autonomous driving system for Class 8 trucks, the largest tractor units that we can find in the North American market. Trucks that are popularly known as 18 wheelers.

Volvo Trucks electric range.

Aurora is an American start-up that was recently founded by executives from Google, Tesla and Uber. This company has as its sole objective the development of complete autonomous driving systems. But unlike many other projects of its kind, Aurora aims to market its products and services as just another component supplier, not to exploit or market autonomous vehicles directly.


This start-up has been the protagonist of several headlines lately, since it has initiated collaboration agreements with large corporations such as Hyundai, Byton or the FCA Group, today called Stellantis, in addition to recently acquired the autonomous driving division of Uber. This Uber division was precisely associated with Volvo Cars (now owned by Geely) to develop autonomous driving systems for passenger cars, but we do not know whether this is related to Volvo Autonomous Solutions having decided to join forces with Aurora for a similar project.

Aurora already has a remarkable fleet of autonomous prototypes based on minivans and trucks rolling in the Dallas area, Texas. The agreement with Volvo includes developing Aurora hardware and software in Volvo Trucks trucks and the only market that these models will be targeting for now is North America.