The first models that will see this limitation will be the V90 and S90

The brand believes that there is no reason to exceed this speed

Volvo already makes its first cars with a self-limited speed of 180 km / hour, a measure that according to the brand has been well received by its followers. Furthermore, the Swedish manufacturer has explained the reason for making this decision.

Volvo It has started manufacturing its first cars – these are S90 and V90 units – with a limited maximum speed of 180 km / hour, a measure that only finds precedent in German brands. These offer a limit of 250 kilometers / hour that is the result of an agreement with the German Government as a counterpart to the existence of many sections of road where speed is free.

Why has Volvo set this limit now? And why 180 kilometers / hour, a speed that still supposes an excess of speed in almost all the world? The answer to these and other questions has been given Mail Ekholm, head of the brand’s security center, in statements collected by Autocar. “A speed of 180 kilometers / hour is still going fast. Is this going to be the end of speeding? No, not at all. It is a limitation, and there really is no reason to drive faster. Everyone talks about of speeding, but we wanted to show that we are serious. How do you find the balance between freedom and security? The speed limit is the first step in seeing how safe it is and how we can help maintain it. For years, you didn’t have to drive fast to have fun because it wasn’t comfortable. Now cars are much better and always behave well. How can we know that we drive too fast in the current context? ”

Volvo Thus, it takes a further step in its concern for security. The brand has carved out the image of being the most concerned about these issues and this step goes in this direction. In addition to introducing this speed limitation, cars will be equipped with cameras and sensors capable of autonomously responding to traffic signals and other hazards if the driver ignores the warnings.

“Our research has led us to identify the most problematic areas of serious injury and death in our cars. Speed ​​limitation is not a panacea, but it is worth introducing if we can save even a single life,” he said. Hakan Samuelsson.

These investigations have shown that excessive speed is one of the most important factors in the case of serious injuries and fatal accidents. According to the United States Highway Safety Agency, 25% of fatal accidents in recent years were basically due to speeding. “Perhaps manufacturers have the right or even the obligation to install technologies in our cars that change the behavior of drivers facing issues such as speeding, distractions or poisoning,” Samuelsson concluded.

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