Volvo Concept Recharge: The future of the Swedish firm is electric and SUV

Volvo was one of the first manufacturers to announce that it was on the road to being CO2 neutral. First, it confirmed that its models would stop using diesel and gasoline engines. Shortly after, he announced his commitment to the electricity launching hybrid and plug-in hybrid proposals on the market. The last step, together with its new Geely matrix, has been to give shape and technical coverage to its premium electric firm: Polestar.

Now they have to redefine your global launch strategy. Traditionally, the Swedish firm has been a specialist in sedans and family cars. However, both market segments are in the doldrums, so they will have to bet everything on create new SUV’s. And in it they are, with important novelties on the starting track such as the third installment of the XC90. However, the interesting Volvo Concept Recharge.

The silhouette of the Volvo Concept Recharge is simpler and more fluid, although it maintains the Thor daytime running light

Aesthetically speaking, the Volvo Concept Recharge It is a turning point for the firm. First of all, because it goes one step further with design philosophy «Less but better» which is committed to eliminating those unnecessary design elements in an electric vehicle. This is possible, because the future electric models of the firm will not share a platform or technology with vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines.

Now, thanks to the adoption of a flat platform designers have been able to stretch the wheelbase and position the wheels in the corners. In this way, the overhangs will be shorter, providing greater habitability inside. All this, in addition, translates into a lower height of the roof and hood, benefiting the aerodynamics. Worse is not the only element that changes, since it loses the traditional grill to add one in the form of a shield.

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Optics technology and design are also evolving. On the front a slimmer version of Thor headlights and in the rear it goes a step further with very fine vertical lights. In addition, and although this is a prototype, we cannot ignore that in the central area of ​​the roof it has a small “hump” where it integrates a LiDAR radar. Therefore, we could be before him first preview of the new Volvo XC90.

Inside, in addition to offering a more generous habitability, it will debut state-of-the-art technology. Specially in infotainment, featuring a great 15 inch touch screen. Volvo says it will offer an improved user experience as well as smoother and faster connectivity. All this accompanied by a design with simpler lines and sustainable and natural materials.

And about his technique, what is known …?

For the moment, the technique that brings the Volvo Concept Recharge to life it’s a mystery. We know that it is one hundred percent electric and that it will have a generous autonomy, but there is no concrete data to support both claims. Talking, also, of a possible date to reach the market is hasty, and more when we know that it is the basis on which they will work to shape the next XC90. So in a year or two it could be official. Patience…

Source – Volvo

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