It is the soccer game par excellence, the one that disputed the leadership and in the last years it surpassed the PES of Konami. He FIFA 21 It will arrive with a new edition on October 9, 2020 but two months before, it will present the news that it is going to implement worldwide and, since EA is a company that has a lot of feedback with its community of players, we speculate on which ones could see the light. What is already certain is that the VOLTA mode, which allowed the return of street football, in small spaces and even modernized with the Futsal modality. That version that had seen the light with the name of FIFA Street and that it even had its own titles (in 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2012) it was discontinued for several years and returned in FIFA 20 but for many fans it did not live up to its predecessors.

Precisely in this aspect, it will be necessary to see what improvements it will have. The most requested by the gaming community is that there is the possibility of playing online with friends in this mode. Even some rumors indicated that FIFA would want to launch VOLTA as the most favorable mode for esports, since teams of 3 to 5 players could be more easily assembled to compete, instead of 11 vs. 5. eleven.

The mode Ultimate Team Not only has it become a must-have, but it’s also the one that has attracted the most attention from the game’s developers, neglecting even other modes that had previously been its flagship. The number one complaint of those who play FIFA for several hours is the constant fall of the servers to play online. Therefore that is the most anticipated improvement by fans.

In different discussion forums they have already started to make bets regarding one of the most interesting aspects of FIFA (and that have incorporated other games, such as F1 2020): Player ratings. Who will be the highest rated card in the game? Who will drop its value the most from one year to the next given its poor performance in reality? Messi, Mbappé, Ronaldo, Salah and Neymar are among the favorites of the first option, while Cavani, David Luiz, Coutinho and Hazard are the ones mentioned in the second category.

The mode Race, who in other editions was a fan favorite, has fallen out of favor in recent years to the detriment of the FUT. The most important request is that the negotiations be more realistic and that there be more flexibility in hiring and transferring players. The fact of buying a footballer and not being able to lend him immediately is something that many fans have harshly criticized on the networks. The same is true when you see that in South America, the game’s AI hires footballers who would never play in the region in real life. The request that Athletic Bilbao only hire Basque players is also something that is frequently repeated among FIFA fans.

Regarding official licenses, it was confirmed that The league Spanish will be part of FIFA 21 and for the next 10 years. In this way, the soccer simulator will have exclusively the soccer players, uniforms, shields and stadiums of clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona and all those who are active in the Spanish first division.

FIFA 21 will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and it was even announced that the PC version will be the same than for the aforementioned consoles. For editions in Playstation 5 and Xbox Series XThere will be graphic improvements and will be updated for free if the previous generation version of the consoles was purchased. In the case of Nintendo SwitchIt will be like FIFA 19 but with updated templates and it will not have VOLTA mode either.

When will you be able to play the demo of the new game? If you consider that those who reserve the digital version of FIFA 21 will have early access to the title three days before its launch (October 6) and EA Access early access begins on the first day of OctoberAccording to the specialized media Goal, the demo would be online 3 weeks before. This would give the September 18 it could already be played with FIFA 21 on the consoles of the current generation. Information that has not been confirmed by Electronic Arts.