Volkswagen’s electric cars will have bi-directional charging as early as 2022


ACD avatar ACD April 16, 2021

Volkswagen sees two-way charging as a business opportunity that can be used to charge other electric cars or to use at home.

Volkswagen electric cars based on the German manufacturer’s MEB platform could have bi-directional charging from 2022, according to various information in the German press.

Several automakers have been talking about two-way charging for several years, which allows cars to discharge energy from their batteries, usually in the context of vehicle-to-grid systems (V2G) that integrate electric vehicles into the electricity grid, or as standby energy sources for homes during power outages. However, the implementation of this technology has been slow and has not yet materialized.

Volkswagen, however, sees bi-directional charging as a business opportunity, one that can harness the energy available from electric vehicles to charge other similar cars or use at home.

Bidirectional charging: power from your car to your home

Volkswagen sees two-way charging as a business opportunityThis was explained by Thomas Ulbrich, a member of the Volkswagen Development Board, to Handelsblatt. «From 2022, every electric car of the Volkswagen Group that is developed based on the MEB electric platform You will not only be able to charge the electricity, but also bring it back to the grid. ‘

Ulbrich has added that V2G equipped test vehicles are working properly and they are in the last phase of testing.

At the end of 2020, the German brand showed a wallbox unit that could charge electric cars at a power of up to 22 kilowattsBut it also drew power from vehicle battery packs, allowing cars to serve as energy storage units for homes, among other functions.

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In some markets, the new business models offered by V2X technologies could put Volkswagen in competition with energy companiesBut the technology serves to potentially add more value to electric cars in the long run.

At the moment, there are very few models on the market that have this technology, highlighting the Nissan Leaf. However, manufacturers like Hyundai, with the Ioniq 5, have just introduced it and Tesla plans to introduce it in their models as well.

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