Volkswagen unleashes the war between brands and attacks Subaru in its new campaign in the United States

Unleashing a fight between brands for advertising purposes is inelegant but, undoubtedly, a helpful resource when what is sought is to achieve maximum repercussion. Famous are the struggles experienced by brands such as Pepsi and Coca Cola, but also those that have occurred between car manufacturers. Aggressive and fun advertising battles, exercises in fair play and sportsmanship, and sometimes a combination of both. Volkswagen takes up the morbid practice of directly targeting its rivals, in this case Subaru, for one of its advertising campaigns. But what is this Volkswagen attack on Subaru due to?

Volkswagen attacks Subaru

Volkswagen has started to broadcast the advertising campaigns of the new ID.4 in the United States. A priori, everything indicates that this Volkswagen ID.4 campaign will not be broadcast in Europe. In fact, this type of campaign so aggressive with the competition is usually precisely more common in the US market. The United States, however, is also a market in which Subaru shines, to the point where its products are on the best-seller lists, surpassing the most popular models of the German brand.

The best-selling Volkswagen in the United States in 2020 was the Tiguan, with 100,687 units (Volkswagen data). Subaru closed last year with 176,996 units sold of the Subaru Forester, 153,294 units of the Subaru Outback and 119,716 units of the Subaru Crostrek, here known as Subaru XV (Subaru data). Definitely, Subaru is one of the great rivals to beat in America for any crossover or SUV focus product.

In the announcement that these days has begun to be broadcast in the United States (and from second 15 of the video that you can see above), Volkswagen appeals to the silence of its electric car to move through rural environments, for recreational use, in contrast to the Subaru Outback of its Japanese rival, which uses internal combustion engines in all its versions.

The criticism behind the ad, however, could well be applied to many other products, including those sold by Volkswagen in the United States. If we stick, again, to the sales figures provided by the brand, more than half of its sales in the United States correspond to SUVs that use internal combustion engines – 188,121 SUVs registered in 2020 compared to 137,663 passenger cars.

The million dollar question now is the following, Will Subaru pick up the glove and will they remember their German rivals in any of their advertising campaigns?

Images of the Volkswagen ID.4: