Volkswagen Taigo: this is the new SUV, coupe and urban based on the Polo

Volkswagen has confirmed the launch of a new Coupe-look urban SUV for the European market. Is called Volkswagen taigo, and becomes a brother of the VW Polo and T-Cross, sharing the Group’s small vehicle platform. It is expected to be available at brand dealerships early in the year. next 2022.

With the new Taigo model, the German firm once again expands its product offering. Now it offers us a new model for the SUV range, but in this case using a body SUV coupe which stands as the sporty-looking brother of the aforementioned T-Cross. In this way, will seek to conquer an even more youthful audience.

At the moment we do not have much information, only an official image and a short video clip that shows us a lot of aesthetic details. Among other data, we know that it will measure exactly 4.26 meters, so it is finally not only bigger than the T-Cross (4.11 meters), but also three centimeters longer than the T-Roc.

What is clear from the video we have just seen is that the new Volkswagen Taigo does not give up anything. In the spot you see a unit in finish R Line very equipped. In fact, we see that it has full illumination of LED IQ. Light, front grille with a horizontal white LED strip and sporty-style wheels.

The smooth shape is also perceived for that coupe style in its silhouette, featuring a rear roof spoiler, a sloping rear window and a new style of the taillights, again resorting to a illuminated center band. The loading mouth of the trunk seems wide, but it is perceived that once the gate is opened there will not be much height. By the way, I am very afraid that the leaks are simulated …

In the cabin the video lets us see the digital instrument cluster large, a touch screen for the infotainment system and the new tactile layout for the climate control controls. As a detail, it seems that this car is going to keep a gear lever “real” for the automatic versions, and not that horrible button seen in the new Golf and other VAG brothers.

Of course, when we have more details, information and images of this new Volkswagen Taigo we will let you know.

Source – Volkswagen Press

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