Volkswagen reaffirms its commitment to electric cars

Dr Herbert Diess, CEO of the Volkswagen group, let it be known on his LinkedIn account that electric vehicles are the best solution to combat the issue of climate change.

Its work, for some years now, has focused on the development of modular platforms that allow to house vehicles with electrical capacities in different segments. In addition, the firm pointed out that there are several infrastructure projects and better batteries that they have bet on.

“We made the decision to transition to electric cars five years ago. Our MEB electric modular platform is a real advantage today, allowing us economies of scale in electric mobility globally. Now almost all of our competitors are following us and announcing an electricity strategy. This shows that we are right, “said the manager.

In addition, he pointed out that to achieve this efficiency in the use of clean energies, vehicles must stop depending on fossil fuels. Above all, because there is a lot of difference in energy terms with respect to various countries around the world.

Despite these efforts, the brand pointed out that it is not yet possible to give a date when all Volkswagen vehicles have this electrical technology, and that will depend on each of the different administrations.

In any case, he reaffirmed his commitment to continue working against climate change.