Volkswagen Navarra begins to manufacture the update of the Polo



Updated Thursday, June 24, 2021 – 21:12

The plant has signed a new ERTE until the end of the year with the workers due to the lack of chips.

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Volkswagen Navarra has started this Thursday serial production of the Polo upgrade, an evolution in which the design is revised, the equipment technologies of this model, which totals more than 18 million units manufactured worldwide.

After 34 years of uninterrupted manufacturing of this model, Volkswagen Navarra started December 2018 production of the T-Cross, an urban SUV that is part of one of the fastest growing segments of the market.

Now, the plant awaits the arrival of a third model, the Volkswasgen Taigo, a sports coup crossover whose production will begin at the end of September of this year (week 39), Volkswagen Navarra has informed in a statement.

New ERTE for the chips

The Navarra plant was stopped last Monday and Tuesday due to a lack of semiconductor components, a shortage that will last at least all this year and will cause more stoppages.

The management of Volkswagen Navarra and most of the social representation (UGT, CC. OO. And CCP, which add up to 72.4% of the company committee) approved the agreement on Wednesday 23 to present a new ERTE (Temporary Employment Regulation File) for organizational and productive reasons, which will be valid during the second semester of 2021, Until december 31, after finishing the ERTE of the first semester.

The conditions will be those agreed in the ERTE of August 29, 2018. The approved document specifies that “The causes are those derived from COVID, the lack of a productive program and components (semiconductors, at this time) and those that may arise as a consequence of the launches until reaching the production established for the 3 models. “The management and the majority of the social part understand that the flexibility measures are already being used, both in the first and in the second semester , by assigning the industrial working day on working days.

With this new ERTE, “avoids having to lower the current production rate each day“and it is decided to” concentrate the need not to produce in full days or shifts and thus be able to maintain employment, as established in the current Collective Agreement. ”

According to the criteria of

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