The announcement was posted on Volkswagen’s Instagram account, however, it was later withdrawn and the car firm offered an apology.

Volkswagen He lived through a difficult moment due to an advertisement that caused outrage and criticism from Internet users, because after issuing an advertisement for his new model Golf, this sparked a wave of criticism from internet users, who considered it as a racist video.

The 10-second video, which appeared on the company’s Instagram account, shows a colored man, dressed in a suit, holding a white hand in the foreground, slightly pushing him into the interior of an establishment called ” The little settler ”. Everything to get away from a yellow Golf parked at the entrance.

Although the video was removed from Instagram, the video clip was still circulating on Twitter, where users continued to criticize according to the Milenio Diario portal.

“The video is, without a doubt, a mistake, in bad taste,” the Wolfsburg company said in a statement. The automaker said it understands the annoyance of many people who watched the video, adding that it will “clarify what may have happened” and “extract the consequences.”

At the end of the clip there is also a sequence of letters whose order suggests the word “black”.

“The history of our own company” makes “Volkswagen position itself against all forms of racism, xenophobia and discrimination,” explained the group, which also apologized on Instagram.


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