The reopening of the factory will be done gradually

Volkswagen claims that it will be carried in conditions of full security

Volkswagen has announced its intention to resume the activity of its factory in Navarra on April 20, as long as the current legislative conditions support the decision.

The factory that Volkswagen He has in Landaben, Navarra, he has in mind to resume his activity on April 20. This is the scenario that is considered most likely within the top of the factory, which nevertheless will resume its productive activity gradually as long as the current legislative conditions allow it. In addition, to meet this date, the factory supply chain must be available, both nationally and internationally.

For the factory to Volkswagen in Navarra It resumes its activity on April 20 there must be two premises that the manufacturer considers fundamental. In the first place, both the health care of all workers and the defense of job security must be maintained as priorities. In this sense, the pertinent steps are currently being taken to dispose of the EPI –Individual Protection Equipment– necessary, in addition to studying the necessary organizational measures from the moment the activity is resumed.

The second of the premises is to exercise the social responsibility that Volkswagen Navarra has as a company. With the return to activity, we want to become job generators again and thus lessen as much as possible the negative economic impact caused by the coronavirus crisis.

Today Volkswagen Navarra has begun a series of meetings with the workers’ representatives to agree on the conditions for the gradual return to the productive activity. As soon as the decision to resume the activity has been agreed, the company will contact the staff to inform all the details in advance.

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