Volkswagen confirms electric saloon for 2023, the four-door Aero B

Just a few hours ago we told you about the announcement of a Volkswagen official, confirming the production of the Volkswagen Space Vizzion concept for 2023 as the first electric Shooting Brake. An important announcement to which is also added that of the saloon variant, an unprecedented body that we gave you an exclusive account of at the end of last year.

At the end of last year we told you an exclusive, the arrival of an electric saloon called ID.5 that was expected to arrive on the market between 2022 and 2023, a zero emissions alternative and one of the secrets that had been best kept in the German brand, which was based on the Volkswagen Space Vizzion concept.

In fact, this electric known as Volkswagen ID.5 was presented internally as the replacement for the current Volkswagen Passat and Passat Variant, but dealers around the world asked to keep the combustion model being one of the most important models. And while this morning we have told you that Ralf Brandstätter, Executive Director Volkswagen Passenger Cars, has confirmed the arrival of the “world’s first electric Shooting Brake” for 2023, the Wolfsburg firm has also done the same with the saloon.

Volkswagen confirms production of an electric sedan, derived from the Volkswagen Space Vizzion concept

The Volkswagen Space Vizzion concept will give birth to two models in 2023, a sports car that looks like a Shooting Brake and a four-door saloon.

Through an official statement, the Wolfsburg company has announced the deployment of a multi-million dollar investment for the next five years, of no less than 73,000 million Euros, destined to continue deepening more sustainable mobility with a greater number of hybrid models and electrical, as well as investing in more digitized technology.

And among all the plans he has, he has also pointed out that «the Emde factory will not only produce the ID.4, but also the fully electric four-door Volkswagen Aero B from 2023». This is clearly the sedan variant of the Space Vizzion that we reveal to you in the exclusive. There is no doubt when the brand statement so clearly specifies the four doors, while Brandstätter has also been very specific when referring to the Shooting Brake.

The production Aero will have an important market in China and the United States, while the possibilities are greater for the German firm to market only the electric family in Europe. A more practical body format in central and northern European countries. Even so, there is no official confirmation of the commercial strategy that will be implemented, and that we will know closer to its world presentation, in less than two years.

Confirmed the production of the Volkswagen ID.  Space Vizzion by 2023Confirmed the production of the Volkswagen ID. Space Vizzion for 2023Read news