Those who like us will be fascinated by their preview trailer, You will frequently be asking yourself one question: when does Void Terrarium go on sale in the West? Fortunately, NIS America has finally answered that question, leaving us with a total of 3 dates. «Void tRrLM ();» will be released in the USA on July 14, 17 in Oceania and on 10 in Europe. Best of all, alongside the release date, we have a trailer that takes its time to present a bit of the history of Nippon Ichi’s dungeon crawler.

Void Terrarium will explore the West in July

As the little robot comments, he did something very wrong: the extinction of the human race is their fault. He fails to explain what caused the problem, but lets it slip that he has been alone for years, until his “life” changed after meeting a survivor. Girl Toriko’s survival depends on her gears, will she be able to get a cure before death snatches her new friend? The more we know about the game, the more we want to try it. One would expect a happy ending in this kind of story, from the stick of “they find more people in a bunker and the human race is saved thanks to the cure”, however there have already been cases in which this developer surprised us with the end of some of his works. What do you think will happen?

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Source: NIS America press release