Voice actor Pato Lago created alarm clock for Number Five (Aidan Gallagher)

Pato Lago fulfilled the dream of many Aidan Gallagher fans. Through Youtube, he uploaded a video with the personalized alarm for the lovers of Number Five (Aidan Gallagher) from The Umbrella Academy.

04 December 2020 08:33 hs

Pato Lake He is a famous Argentine dubbing actor; He is 30 years old and is recognized for playing the voice of Luke Ross in ‘Jessie’ and Carlos de Vil in the saga of ‘Decendents’.

Currently, he dubs the Spanish voice of Number Five, the iconic character from Aidan Gallagher, one of the most beloved in the production of Netflix, ‘The Umbrella Academy’. Has already more than 30 thousand followers (and we keep counting).

Pato Lago is the voice in Spanish of Number Five (‘The Umbrella Academy’).

Recently, through his social networks, Pato Lago shared different material where he plays Number Five with narrations, games and scenes typical of ‘The Umbrella Academy’.

However, in the last hours, he surprised all his followers (and Aidan Gallagher / Number Five lovers) with a video that he already owns. more than 29 thousand views on YouTube. It is a snooze alarm with the voice of Number Five.

« Download for free this alarm clock with the official voice in Spanish of Number 5 of » The Umbrella Academy « , to get up in the morning. Share it with your friends and enjoy opening your eyes with the voice of Aidan Gallagher in Spanish. alarm clock you would like me to do! « wrote Pato Lago in the YouTube description.

And you, do you already have your Number Five alarm clock?