Frank Vogel, the coach of Los Angeles LakersHe doesn’t know when the NBA is going to return. However, he’s already back to work, to be ready when that time comes.

The Lakers’ coaches have work to do during the hiatus to prepare for the Western Conference playoffs. Arrive when I arrive. Vogel comments on what he has done during the hiatus to date:

“I took a few days off when the league was suspended. I knew it was going to last for a while, so I took a few days off to ease tensions. However, in recent days I have started to watch recent games and take notes of the progress we were making. In the end it is about being ready for when the season returns. “

Frank Vogel said on a conference call that, although has no opinion on what the league should do when basketball resumes, he’s given his staff assignments to study up on potential playoff opponents, as if the regular season is over.

– Tania Ganguli (@taniaganguli) April 3, 2020

“It is being a very different experience than any we have had in our lives,” said Vogel about the breakdown caused by the coronavirus health crisis. “It is a time to make sure that all of your loved ones are safe and well. Make sure that we are doing the right thing and enjoying time with our families.”

Vogel has confessed that he has seen games of all kinds in recent times: “I have seen Danny Green play against LeBron in the Finals, Jason Kidd play against LeBron in the Finals, my Kentucky Wildcats playing against the Arizona WIldcats in the final of the championship. I’ve seen LeBron in the McDonald’s All-American game. ”

In short, the holidays are over for the Lakers’ technical staff, who are already preparing for an eventual return. We know that the players have a job and that, even though we are in the midst of a health crisis, there are many who are looking forward to a playoff in August. We will see what ends up happening …