Los Angeles Lakers coach Frank Vogel He admitted tonight in a conference call with reporters that neither he nor his team of assistants had been tested for COVID-19, unlike what happened with the players.

04/03/2020 at 08:14



The Lakers’ management reported this week that all of its players, including the two who previously tested positive for the coronavirus, had no symptoms after a two-week period of self-isolation.

“As far as I know, the rest of the staff was not evaluated,” said Vogel. “The only people who were evaluated by the news of the positive results of the Brooklyn Nets were our players.”

Four Nets players, including forward Kevin Durant, They tested positive for the coronavirus, prompting the Lakers to quickly arrange for their players to receive the tests in a private Los Angeles laboratory.

The Lakers’ last game before the suspension of the NBA competition was the duel against the Nets, at the Staples Center, on March 10.

Vogel, who is having a break at home with his wife and two daughters, said his family asked him if he wanted to test himself, considering how close a coach is to his players, but chose to follow the rules. instructions given by health specialists.

“It’s just that they didn’t tell us to get tested.”Vogel explained. “And obviously everyone recognized the shortage of tests and we were just going to do what the local health department told us to do. They asked us not to be tested at that time.”

Vogel explained that he never felt that he could have been infected since there were already some patterns of social distancing established and also he has always felt good.

His confidence in his health condition is such that he has not even been interested in knowing who the two Lakers players were who tested positive for COVID-19 and his satisfaction is that they are fully recovered.

Vogel also acknowledged that his goal now is to control as much of the team as he can from off the field, stay in top physical shape, and spend much more time with his family.

“Simply passing the time, having as much fun as we can and enjoying the positive side of this, which is family time,” said Vogel.

Still, Vogel, who is celebrating his first season at the helm of the Lakers, acknowledges that the sudden stoppage of the competition when his team was number one in the Western Conference (49-14) was not the best experience.

While the option of losing the rest of the season due to the global coronavirus pandemic also left him with a rare feeling at times.

“Anything is possible,” admitted Vogel, 46. “It certainly is a possibility and it would be a huge disappointment if we couldn’t play. However, we understand that, and this is bigger than basketball. And getting back on court is not the most important thing to the world right now.”

Vogel is confident that in the end they will have that opportunity to return to the competition, but if in the end they do not, he recognized that it would be a great disappointment that they would have to face if that moment occurs.

Meanwhile, he said he is treating this period as the offseason, knowing that if the League can resume the 2019-20 season at some point, his team will need energy to rebuild the success he had prior to the suspension and have even more insight into rivals.

“To regain the level we had at the time of the suspension will not be easy, but it is the goal we need to achieve if we want to succeed,” said Vogel. “We have to reset our chemistry, reset our work ethic, physical conditioning, rhythm and time in the game.”

The consolation for Vogel is that he knows that the rest of the teams in the league will also have the same problem and the way to go.