The second attempt to Vodafone to collect a rent from three euros per month for the television decoder new customers has been canceled again. The charge was announced to apply from March 8, 2020, but since then it has been promoted for free and finally has been suspended indefinitely.

The first time that Vodafone TV made public its intention to charge for the rental of the deco was in May 2017, although shortly after it backed down to eliminate it. Three years later, the operator put the collection for new customers on the table again with the excuse of open your television service to mobile-only customers.

The decoder as a “premium” badge

The decoder serves as an essential link to view the contents of pay television directly on the television for your control via remote control, but it is not the only way to enjoy the premium channels since the operators have multi-device platforms that also allow viewing from tablets, smartphones, smart TV or chromecast among others.

In addition, from the decoders it is also possible to access 4K content or other more exclusive advantages that are not always available in multi-device mode, such as control of live shows, recordings or access to content for the last seven days.

Until not long ago, the simple fact of having pay TV service had been considered exclusive to the premium brands of the operators, but the proliferation of streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO or Disney + among many others, and the opening of pay television services to OMVs through other options such as Movistar + Lite, or new offers from cheap brands such as Vodafone yu, Virgin, Ahí +, mobilfree or Agile TV, has led to the premium part of pay TV is being limited to set-top boxes.

With this distinctive “premium” decoder, the temptation for operators to try to collect it when there are alternatives that allow it to be dispensed with, has been present and reminds us of when they charged for the rental of the landline or when they force them to pay to identify the calls in the landline. But seeing the reactions of Vodafone, at the moment it does not seem that paying for the decoupling is easy for them to apply. Will the defeated third go to the third?

More changes from May 11

The answer to what Vodafone intends to do could be close and on May 11 we could have news about it. That day, the current Pack Serielovers with Movistar Series, Prime Video and StarzPlay will be renamed Classic Serielovers, which leads us to think that a new Serielovers Pack with different contents could be born and why not, Disney + could be the reason for the change.

In addition, the months of April and May of previous years have been chosen by the operator to announce new rates and services, so could be used to announce deeper news that for example they respond to the Movistar attack with their unlimited data or that they are used to dilute the rental price of the desco in new television packages. We will soon leave doubts.

         Vodafone suspends the charge for the rental of the Vodafone TV decoder again and there will be news in May