Vodafone launches two new prepaid rates and improves the current ones with up to 10 GB without raising the price

If last Friday we announced an improvement in their Heavy User rates, Vodafone has started this week boosting its prepaid segment. How? On the one hand, launching two new tariffs focused on intensive use of voice and voice and data, respectively, and on the other, reinforcing the existing plans.

In this way, the prepaid rates S, M, L and XL now have more gigs for the same price, while, as of today, two new proposals for current customers are added to the operator’s catalog: Vodafone Prepaid S Voz and Vodafone Prepago XXL.

Six different prepaid options

The English operator has just renewed its prepaid rates available in Spain by adding between 6 and 10 GB of data to all of them and maintaining prices:

Vodafone Prepaid S: the most basic plan now offers 12 GB (previously 6 GB) of data, unlimited calls to all Vodafone prepaid and 300 national and international minutes to 56 destinations for 10 euros.

Vodafone Prepaid M: starting today, it includes 20 GB (before, 12 GB), unlimited minutes for national calls and 800 minutes of international calls for € 15 euros.

Vodafone Prepaid L: from the current 25 GB, it now has 35 GB to navigate and unlimited national calls for 20 euros.

Vodafone Prepaid XLNow it offers 45 GB and unlimited national calls for 30 euros, which is a significant increase compared to the 35 GB it included.

The improvements will be available from today, for both new and current customers; in the first case, they will be applied automatically at the moment in which the rate is activated, while the clients in the portfolio will see it at the time of renewal, without having to request it.

On the other hand, as we said, current customers will be able to enjoy from today and exclusively two new rates that are incorporated into the operator’s offer:

Vodafone Prepaid S Voice: includes a bonus of 10 GB and unlimited national calls for 10 euros for those users who make intensive use of national calls but with moderate data consumption.

Vodafone Prepaid XXL: for those who require a large use of voice and data, it offers 55 GB and unlimited national calls for 40 euros.

Both the existing prepaid rates and the two new ones have automatic renewal every 28 days and, in the case of not spending the entire data bonus, they allow the remaining gigs to be accumulated up to a maximum of three times.

Finally, the operator has confirmed that the rates Vodafone Yuser, Super Yuser and Mega Yuser They will continue to be sold until stocks last, so that customers who currently have any of these prepaid plans will be able to continue using it with an improvement in their conditions:

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