Vodafone improves its Heavy Yuser rates with more gigs in prepaid and under contract

A few months after launching the Fibra Yuser plan for students, the operator decided to update its Vodafone yu catalog with new mobile and convergent rates contract. This is how the Big Yuser and Heavy Yuser plans were born to permanently replace Vodafone Bit.

In addition to being also available prepaid, both rates offered the option of adding 300 or 600 Mbps fiber. Now, the most ambitious of them, the Heavy Yuser plan, you will receive a significant upgrade starting Monday: 5 GB more data for the same price, both in contract mode – mobile and convergent – and prepaid.

25 to 30 GB of data on the mobile line

Next Monday, February 22, Vodafone yu will improve the conditions of its Heavy Yuser rate in all its modalities (contract, prepaid and mobile + fiber) while maintaining the price. This change will mean an increase of 5 GB on the mobile line, so that the new rate conditions will be as follows:

Heavy Yuser (contract and prepaid): 30 GB of accumulative data, unlimited gigs in social networks and unlimited messaging and calls, for 20 euros per month.

Heavy Yuser + fiber: 30 GB of accumulative data, 600 Mbps of fiber, unlimited gigs in social networks and messaging and unlimited calls for 50 euros per month.

The Big Yuser and Fibra Yuser plans remain unchanged. As reported by the operator, current clients of Heavy Yuser and Heavy Yuser + fiber will enjoy these new conditions automatically in their next billing cycle or, in the case of prepaid customers, when they renew their rate benefits.

The common benefits of Vodafone yu Also, including the raffles and yu experiences, the unlimited 5G gigabytes in social networks and messaging, the possibility of hiring unlimited gigabytes in video apps at a price of 5 euros per month and the option of TIDAL Premium for 3.99 euros are also maintained a month.

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