The video game sector continues its unstoppable rise in Spain. In an era of uncertainty in the markets, the digital entertainment industry persists and consolidates its audience at a time when the internet has become the main channel for leisure and content consumption. At this juncture, the Malaga e-sports club Vodafone Giants – a national benchmark in major competitions – has announced this Thursday the closing of an investment round with a result of three million euros, thanks to the participation of the Sánchez Cózar training sector group (sole investor in the package). The club will take advantage of this new stage and the economic boost for, among other projects, build a large headquarters in Malaga, giving a physical sphere to the company in his hometown.

The construction of this headquarters is part of a “brand development plan that includes the creation of its own sales channels and the development of new digital products,” according to the firm. Virginia Bald, co-owner of Vodafone Giants, points out that they have already been granted the construction license and that the characteristics of the project will be announced later.

The company also plans to continue bringing together and enhancing the community of other competitive games, just as it has done with the world ‘fighting’ – martial arts games -, opening of the Giants Fighters Dojo in Barcelona, while the bid of your competitive bet rises internationally.

José Ramón Díaz, CEO of Vodafone Giants, takes stock of the latest advances: «Closing the highest round carried out by an e-sports club in Spain confirms the good health of our company; The incorporation and trust of such an important partner reaffirms the growth that Giants has experienced in the last year ”. Furthermore, it announces that they will continue to lead the national e-sports industry and continue to “evolve and innovate as an entertainment company.”

José Antonio Sánchez Cózar, businessman and founder of the Sánchez Cózar group, highlights the double perspective of this investment. “On the one hand, it is a unique opportunity to enter a sector with great potential in terms of growth and value creation from the best possible partner; and, on the other hand, regarding our business, the investment corresponds to a strategic movement within our renewal process towards training of a technological, digital and employability-oriented nature ”.

Vodafone Giants signs this important advance and continues its streak of alliances. A few months ago, it became the first e-sports club in Europe to sign with the sportswear brand. Nike. In addition, it has also sealed important alliances with L’Oréal, Font Vella, Chupa Chups and Cuétara.