Vodafone advances its Black Friday by giving away Vodafone TV packs and offering smartphones

The offers for Black Friday not only reach technological devices, but also operators: Vodafone already has its promotions ready for the world sales day. The company will give away Vodafone TV packs to its customers, it will give away three months of super WiFi, it already has active offers on mobile phones and also on other devices.

Black Friday has gone from being an imported anecdote to a whole holiday of discounts. Given the proximity of the date with the Christmas campaign, it is not surprising that most businesses have ended up signing up, both physical and online. And other services, operators included: most of them prepare sales for Black Friday. And some are even ahead of date, such as Orange and now also Vodafone: the mobile company is ready for its customers to save some money.

Free Vodafone TV Pack until January 31

Vodafone has announced its offers for Black Friday, thus ahead of much of its competition. These offers are focused on their audiovisual content packs: all customers, both new and those who already had a rate contracted with the operator, they can choose one of the available Vodafone TV packs. The process is done through the My Vodafone app and you don’t need a decoder to play the content: it can be viewed through the Vodafone TV app.

The Vodafone TV pack promotion will be valid from November 20, 2020 to January 31, 2021. One of the following packs can be chosen:

More Series.
Planet Horror.
Acorn TV.

Apart from the Vodafone TV gift pack, the operator will have various offers on smartphones and other devices. They can be accessed from the My Vodafone app. And there are quite juicy mobiles:

In addition to the previous offers, Vodafone will give away three months of Super WiFi when contracting a Vodafone One rate, lowers the price of its new Átika smart speaker and offers its IoT devices: Curve, V-Pet Tracker and V-Home.

You can check all Vodafone Black Friday offers on their website. These offers will be active as of November 20.


Vodafone advances its Black Friday by giving away Vodafone TV packs and offering smartphones