Vocalist of the Band Jérez seeks a multi-member deputation for Morena – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Entrelíneas

The vocalist and director of the Jerez Band, Marco Antonio Flores, registered as a multi-member deputy candidate for Morena in Zacatecas, for the next elections. In the act he reiterated his criticism of the electoral alliance that the PAN formed with the PRD and the PRI; He commented that “they have always been against it; of tip, and now they join ”.

Antecedent. Flores was a candidate for governor of Zacatecas in 2016 for the Social Encounter Party (PES): there he obtained more than 50 thousand votes. While in 2018, in the same way, he was a candidate for federal deputy where he got more than 35 thousand votes in the district with head in Jerez. At the end of last year, Flores Sánchez left the PAN and the Va por Zacatecas alliance, as he considered that the Blue and White leaders are “classist, exclusive and only seek to ensure their multi-member candidacies.”

To know. Parties such as Morena, Progressive Social Networks and PES top the list with the largest number of “celebrities” who would run this year, some more defined than others. Personalities include ex-footballers Adolfo “el Bofo” Bautista and Francisco “el Abuelo” Cruz; likewise, the comedian Javier Carranza, “el Costeño”, as well as Carlos Villagrán, who played “Kiko”, a character from Chavo del 8.