Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is what we expect and it was not in 2019

Progress with the start of a new season of MLB on Vladimir Guerrero Jr. have been impressive, who, even going into play in a position contrary to his debut year in the league, has shown two years later that the projections of a son of a Hall of Fame who decided the same trade as his father, are truly accurate.

After seeing a year totally disagreeing with what was predicted in its first season in MLB, After being declared the best minor league prospect, in addition, seeing other players of the same class as his compatriot Fernando Tatis Jr. with voluptuous contracts, it was to doubt what he could offer Guerrero Jr. in MLB, but who began to work on his physique of his own accord, has shown he wants to take on the world while in his third year as a major league player.

After the first two years going unnoticed in its statistics, despite the great projections and marketing, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. decided to end 2020 with a better physical shape, who after finishing a season of low performance, where he was moved from his original position such as third base, the querqueyano took time to lose more than 20 kilos, treatment at the level of exercises that has undoubtedly produced great results at the beginning of the current season of MLB in 2021.

At the end of the day on Saturday for the Toronto Blue Jays, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has burst into the stardom of the MLB, who in 38 games this 2021, holds a very high batting average of .308, 10 home runs, ranking among the first six in the league leadership and 28 RBIs, contrary to what he did in 2020, where in 60 games he had a .262 batting average, nine home runs and 33 RBIs, not to mention his performances in 123 games in his debut year (2019), where he posted 15 home runs and a .272 average.

Another big growth spot for Vladimir Guerrero Jr. for the Blue jays in his first 38 campaign matches of MLB, without a doubt it has been the velocity on exit contact of the ball from the batting box, where if we look at 2019, it held a mark of 89.4 miles per hour in the aforementioned statistic, in the passage of 2020 an exit speed of 92.5 miles per hour, data that if we take it to 2021 we will find an exit speed of 93.8 miles per hour in his first 38 games.

The defensive part has also been a part where the Dominican slugger has been affected considerably, who after starting his career as third base in MLB, during 2020 it was only used by Blue jays As a designated hitter and first baseman, who for this 2021 has proven to be a first baseman with a high defensive level, north that was impossible for him to reach from the hot corner.

In a 34-game stretch by Vladimir Guerrero Jr. As first baseman in 2020, he had the mark of three errors as a defender, who has improved this part considerably in his first 30 games since the first base for this 2021, where he has not allowed errors, sustains nine assists and a very high percentage of fielding with 1,000 points as the first star baseman of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Undoubtedly, a sensational year is looming on the part of the native of the Dominican Republic, who begins to highlight the iconic phrase: “From such a stick such a splinter”, showing that he is ready to reach stardom and not below being the son of the third Dominican to enter the Cooperstown Hall of Fame, after whom he bears his first and last name.

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